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Are you tired of the poor credit score that holds you back in the bustling city of New York?  If yes, then you’ve landed on the right page! 

At Credit Max Solutions, we understand how valuable a good credit score is for you!  Whether you’re struggling to get an apartment, applying for a loan or frustrated with sky high interest rates – a good credit score is the key. And that is EXACTLY why we’re here! 

Signup today to consult with our team of credit repair experts. And they will walk you through the complete process of credit analysis, that is much more than just raising disputes!


Are you struggling with overdue invoices? With our user-friendly dashboard, now you can manage your finances easily and protect your credit score - experience hassle-free payments like never before!


Max Solutions

  • Free credit monitoring subscription with $1 million identity theft protection ($24.97 monthly saving) included
  • Aggressive method using metro2 compliance
  • Great for repos, collections, charge-offs, bankruptcies and more
  • Certified letters for faster and MAX results




If your loan application is rejected, then you might get stuck and lenders will charge you sky high rates of interest for retaining a bad credit score.



With lower credit scores, creditors and lenders will see you more likely as a defaulter than a debtor. You’ll be a risky business for them so your loan application might get rejected.



Refusing the credit repair services can hinder your ability to negotiate with your creditors , ultimately reducing your chances of getting any debt repayment plans.



Poor credit ratings can have devastating effects on your financial health. It can even seize your ability to survive with basic necessities like getting a job or renting an apartment.



Financial issues bring depression along! Excessive financial pressure can be detrimental to your physical as well as mental health.

Bad Credit History

How do I get rid of my bad credit history?

Don't let a blemished credit history stand in the way of your dreams! With these proactive steps and smart financial management, you can start taking control of your credit score:

  • Stay on top of payments to reduce debt ratios
  • Investigate any discrepancies with creditors or reporting bureaus
  • Keep existing accounts open while avoiding too many new ones all at once
  • Consistently monitor progress by keeping track of both reports and scores
  • Find one of the best companies to repair credit. If you are in New York City, contact Credit Max Solutions for effective credit repair solutions.
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What affects your credit score?

Payment History

Debts left unpaid, payments skipped and financial instability can have a detrimental impact on your credit score.

Credit Utilization Ratio

Be mindful of your credit utilization ratio: using too much can be detrimental for reaching optimal standings with lenders.

Length of Credit History

Establishing a strong credit history can positively impact your overall score: paying bills on-time is key in building and maintaining good creditworthiness.

Credit Mix

Having a mix of different credit accounts is key for maintaining an excellent score: diversifying your portfolio reinforces stability in the eyes of lenders.

Credit Inquiries

Taking out too many credit applications can damage your score, since each lender review of your information is counted as a 'hard inquiry' and may lower the overall rating.

Professional Credit Repair Services Near Me

Are you facing financial problems due to a terrible credit score and need help with that? Instead of visiting credit repair companies, an online search for “credit repair services near me” can save you a lot of time. We value your time and money and understand the stress that’s associated with the credit repair process. Thus, we believe you don’t have to endure it alone.

Let our experts handle that. We have highly qualified professionals who can negotiate with credit bureaus and help you achieve financial success. Contact us today to know more about our policy and reviews.


Comprehensive Consultation

Credit Analysis

Unlike traditional credit repair companies , we don’t start working on your report until a complete credit analysis is done.

Dispute Errors

Dispute Errors

Our customized credit repair process caters disputing errors with all three major bureaus on your behalf.

Negotiate with Creditors

Customized Payment Plan

We’ll send customized payment plans to your creditors that even contain the request of removal of inaccuracies and negative items from your credit report.

Payment Reminders

Never Miss Your Payment

Our payment reminder strategy helps you to never miss your deadline. Now you can stay one step ahead by making your due payments on time.

Establish New Credit

Build Your Credit History

Credit History can’t be built overnight, thus we’ll help you develop positive financial habits that will ultimately help your repair credit.

Ongoing Monitoring

Ongoing Monitoring

You can end your search for the best credit repair company here as we’ll always be watchful towards your credit repair procedure.

The Credit Max Dashboard

Streamline your credit repair journey with our one-stop dashboard - track and manage progress effortlessly!

Track your journey to a secure financial future

With our complete credit profile and scores from all three leading bureaus at hand, you can now take control of your credit health in seconds!

Credit Repair Progress

Start your credit repair journey with us in New York City

Our straightforward, easy-to-follow steps provide guidance every step of the way to challenge any errors on your report.

Credit Repair Agreement

Signed Client Agreement - Credit Repair Agreement

This is your Agreement / Contract with us for services

Steps in Credit Repair

Photo of Driver's License

Take a photo or scan your Driver's License & upload

Steps in Credit Repair

Proof of Address

Take a photo or scan a copy of your Electric, Phone or Cable bill

Stay in control of your credit repair progress in NYC

Monitor the success of every step taken to improve your financial standing. Ensure you're always updated and never fall behind on progressing towards an improved credit score.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting 700 points of improvement overnight is nearly impossible, but you can start with small steps. Start paying your bills on time and hire the best companies to repair credit over a certain period of time.

The shortest answer is “No.” Anyone who claims to repair your credit is running a scam on you. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had clearly instructed consumers to take the legal route and hire a certified credit repair company to improve their scores.

Paying someone to repair your credit and building your credit history does not harm you, but you need to make sure of the procedure with which these companies operate.

Claim services from the best credit repair near you in New York City. Credit Max Solutions offers a range of subscription-based packages and affordable prices to assist you with credit repair services.

Monitor your credit score with our comprehensive visibility features

Take advantage of active dispute tracking, negative item removals, and corrections. Plus get full access to all the important statistics anytime you need it.

Stay in sync with your credit repair representative

Keep the conversation flowing with your credit repair representative and get ready to take charge of your financial situation.

No more stressful mailing or faxing needed!

Easily submit documents such as your credit report, dispute updates, and identification information to expedite the process.

Unlock your credit knowledge base and gain valuable insight

With our expert-approved insights, resources, and guidance on how to create a compelling profile that lenders will find attractive – achieving financial freedom just got easier!

Stay on top of your personal records

Make sure all applicable information is up-to-date to prevent any issues with financial bodies.

Ensure clarity with our Private Notes tab

Record your comments on our Private Notes tab: keep your records up-to-date to stay one step ahead of potential confusion when dealing with credit report inquiries.


Our Client Reviews


10/10 would recommend. Credit Max Solutions improved my credit and I was able to buy the car of my dreams.

Tristano Danaher

If I could give Credit Max Solutions 10 stars I would. The patience and diligence provided thankfully has generated real positive results and the customer service is genuine. I Highly recommend.

Jennifer Melendez

I recently had the opportunity to use the services of your company, and I have to say that I am very impressed.
From the moment I contacted your company, I received a high level of professionalism and excellent customer service. Your team was very responsive to my queries and provided me with all the necessary information I needed to make an informed decision.
The quality of your services is exceptional, and I was very satisfied with the end result.
Overall, I am extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and customer service that your company provides. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking to fix their credit!

Jesse Lorilla

Received A wonderful Services from Credit max Solutions Team they were able to help me get into the Home After making My Credit Score Jump Up over 80 Point Thank you team for taking me as a client

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